Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

TCMR Law Firm Philippines Litigation and Arbitration

The Firm has an aggressive and pro-active litigation practice in all fields of law including civil, criminal, commercial, labor, and administrative. The partners, owing to their extensive training and acquired expertise in the various areas of litigation, provide comprehensive legal advice and assistance to the clients, prior to, during and even after the conclusion of, the litigation proceedings. As a growing practice to secure an early settlement or resolution of clients' controversies, the Firm however encourages clients to go through arbitration proceedings or other alternative ways of dispute resolution, with the end in view of sparing clients from tedious, expensive and unnecessary litigation.

The Firm's litigation practice likewise serves as a strong complement of, and support to, the other areas of practice. In the event that controversies arise in other areas of practice leading to an inevitable litigation, the partners are ready to represent clients before any judicial or quasi-judicial tribunals and bodies.

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